Video Submission Guidelines and Terms

Requirements & Tips for Creating The Video

  1. Don't use profanity, obscenity, nudity, or any morally objectionable material.  We encouarge opinions, but this is a site for everyone so please create your video using content that won't offend most people.
  2. Don't go overboard with the self-promotion.  It's ok to say, "Hi, This is John Smith with ABC Company," but please don't turn the video into a sales pitch.
  3. Be sure to mention the name of the broker at the start of the video.  If you are putting your video on YouTube, be sure to mention that you're creating the video for
  4. Focus on only one broker in each video.  If you want to compare more than one broker, please submit separate videos for each one and ask us to link them together.  This makes it easier for users to find & watch what they want.  It also makes it easier for you to include another broker or create an update at another time.
  5. Shorter is better.  If we're being honest, some of our own end-to-end videos are too long.  We recommend that you focus on one specific topic to keep each video short.  Feel free to create several smaller videos and ask us to link them together.
  6. Remove or hide any information you don't want to be publicly displayed.  If you cannot edit the video to remove or hide the information yourself, send the raw video file to us and tell us what you want to be removed.  We'll do it for you.

How To Submit The Video

Choose the method which is easiest for you to submit your video.

  • Only if your video is small (only a few megabytes), send it as an email attachment to video @
  • Use a service to send big files via email.  There are many services which let you send a sample or sign up for a free account such as, or  Use one of them to send your video to video @
  • Use your Dropbox account and send us a link to the file.  You can send us an email to video @ or use the page on this website to contact us.
  • Use a video-sharing service such as YouTube or Vimeo.  After you post your video, send us a link to your video with an email to video @ or use the page on this website to contact us.

Want Us To Link Your Video To Your Website?

We will provide a link from your video on Trade Comparison to your website in return for you linking to Trade Comparison from your website.  If you submit multiple videos, we'll link each one back to you.  When you submit your video, just tell us about your website.

Video Creation Software

The simplest way to record a video is to use software which records your screen as well as your voice.  Camtasia is one of the more popular commercial packages for this.  If you don't have any commercial software to do this, you can try CamStudio or Jing or Webinaria or Wink or Ultravnc Screen Recorder or the Microsoft Screen Capture with Expression Encoder 4 Free Edition.

Legal Stuff

You retain all of your ownership rights to the videos that you submit. However, by submitting your video to Trade Comparison, you are granting Trade Comparison a royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-cancellable, worldwide, sublicenseable and transferable license to show your video, including derivative works of your video. You may request that we remove and stop using any video of yours by sending a request through the contact submission form on the site.