Video Comparison of Online Brokerage Firms

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Which firms have so many features that they are too complicated to use?

Which firms are easy to use but lack necessary features?

Only videos can help you evaluate the functionality and usability of online brokerage firm software.

Our first videos demonstrate the simultaneous purchase of stock and sale of a covered call, which is also known as a buy-write.  We chose this trade because it covers a wide spectrum of functionality.  Covered calls are the most common trade for new option investors and many of the steps involved (e.g. looking up a ticker symbol & purchasing stock) are still relevant to stock investors.

These videos are not meant to be a comprehensive tutorial, so they're not going to cover every possible feature.

We'll be adding new videos soon, so please leave us a comment if you want to see a specific brokerage firm reviewed next or have suggestions for making these videos more valuable.

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