Price Comparison of Online Brokerage Firm Commissions

Which is Better?

$5.00 for 5 contracts
then $1/contract
or $8.50 + $0.15/contract?

The best approach to compare brokerage firm pricing is to look at actual prices for the specific numbers of shares or contracts that you are likely to trade. Our price comparison pages provide charts and tables of data in that format.

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Why Is Price Comparison So Difficult?

Every online brokerage firm claims to have great rates, but broker commission programs use completely different formulas and many firms have more than one plan.  You may see a list of many of those plans on our broker page.

These differences make it difficult and time consuming to compare.  One firm may have the lowest pricing for stock yet have horrible pricing for options.  Another firm may have the lowest price for a single option contract yet have very high pricing for 100 contracts.  A third firm may offer certain ETF trades for free while having high prices for option exercise & assignment.  Yet another firm may offer the best of everything, but it's only available to people who have more money than you and trade more actively than you.

So how should you decide which is "best" for you?


You may be happier paying slightly more to a broker that has software which you find easier to use.

If you are someone who trades larger quantities of stock & option contracts, price will matter much more to you, but you should appreciate a good trading system even more since you'll be the one using it the most.

We offer side-by-side comparison of rate plans as well as sample data for different trading quantities to help you compare the costs of trading. Once you've narrowed down your selection, follow our links to the pages on pricing information and see if there are any additional conditions (such as a minimum balance) that may impact your decision.